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Hit Counter Samples:

These samples were created with the count program written by M. Muquit.
ft=0 Simple, no frame, digit style A (default)
ft=6&frgb=ff0000&comma=T Frame color and thickness specified,show comma
ft=0&dd=bang&comma=T Bangla digits
display=countdown&ft=0&dd=cd&negate=T countdown,Year 2000 implied from web server time
display=countdown&sdhms=F countdown,Year 2000,just show the days only
display=countdown&timezone=GMT+0000 countdown from GMT to Year 2000
cdt=2000;1;1;0;0;0&sfd=T&prgb=0000ff&dd=cd&ft=2&frgb=000000 countdown to Year 2000, show the from date(sfd) below
prgb (pen RGB) can be used to change the sfd color
display=countdown&dd=cdr&timezone=GMT-0500&sfd=T&ft=4 countdown from New York to Year 2000
cdt=2000;2;1;8;0;0&sfd=T&dd=cdd&ft=2 countdown to a specific date ,say 8 AM, Feb 1 2000
cdt=1998;2;1;8;0;0&sfd=T&dd=cd&ft=2&negate=T countdown to past Feb 1 1998 8 AM
cdf=1999;7;16;22;0;0&cdt=1999;7;17;10;0;0 difference between Jul 16,1999 10 PM and Jul 17 1999 10AM
cdf=1999;7;17;0;0;0 countdown to year 2000 from Jul 17, 1999
dd=B digit style B
dd=C&comma=T digit style C,display comma if more than 3 digits
ft=3&dd=D digit style D
trgb=ffffff&dd=E digit style E, make white transparent
frgb=ff0000 red frame with default thickness
sh=F Hidden counter
lit=94032048040320&comma=T&dd=D&ft=2 literal string with comma
ft=4&lit=0123456&frgb=0;0;255 frame color can be Red,Green and Blue triplets
ft=4&lit=0123456&frgb=0000ff frame color can be hex as well,using blue here
ft=4&lit=0123456&frgb=Gray frame color can be a name as well
lit=1234567&chcolor=T change green digit-color to default pen color
lit=1234567&srgb=00ff00&prgb=ffff00 change green digit-color to yellow
display=clock show time (12 hr format)
display=clock&pad=F show time (12 hr format) don't pad hr with zero
display=clock&tformat=24 show time (24 hr format)
display=clock&timezone=GMT+0000 show GMT Time
display=date&dd=cdr show date (MM-DD-YY)
display=date&dformat=ddmmyy show date (DD-MM-YY)
display=date&fy=T&dd=cd&dformat=ddmmyyyy show date (DD-MM-YYYY) use YYYY to show full year
display=date&fy=T&dd=cd&dformat=ddmmyy show date (DD-MM-YY) use fy to show full year
trgb=00ff00 make the green color transparent,no frame
trgb=000000 make the black color transparent
srgb=00ff00&prgb=101010&trgb=000000 make the black color transparent,change green color to a shade of gray
image=foo.gif&dd=E&comma=T&align=bottomcenter&tr=T&trgb=ffffff composite counter at the bottom center of the image, make white transparent
image=yeehaw.gif&dd=A&comma=T&align=topcenter&offset=5&ft=4 composite counter at the top center of the image, offset is 5 pixels from top
image=peng.gif&dd=A&comma=T&align=bottomcenter&offset=40&trgb=000000&ft=0 composite counter at the bottom center of the image,make black transparent
ft=0&rotate=T&dd=D rotate 270 degrees. Note, degrees are implied here
ft=0&dd=D&degrees=180 rotate 180 degrees
ft=0&degrees=90&dd=D&prgb=ffff00 rotate 90 degrees
font=trebuc.ttf Use TrueType font Trebuchet
font=trebuc.ttf&bg=000000&fg=ff0000&smooth=F Use TrueType make background black foreground red
font=trebuc.ttf&trgb=ffffff Use TrueType font Trebuchet, make white transparent
ft=4&font=trebuc.ttf&xres=300&yres=300 Use TrueType font Trebuchet,make x and yres 300 dpi

Text Styles:

Style Image strip
A styleA
B styleB
C styleC
D styleD
E styleE
cd stylecd
cdr stylecdr
cdd stylecdd
bang stylebang

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