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How do I upload new web pages?
For those who manage their own accounts, each account has a login and password for the web server. The protocol we use is called FTP or "File Transfer Protocol". You will user FTP from your computer to "login" to our server and will then proceed to upload, delete, rename or overwrite files on the web site. Remember to upload all files associated with a new page. If the page contains a ".gif" image, the image must be uploaded as well if it is to be displayed. If a change is made to the text page but not the image, then only the page needs to be uploaded.

I'm using Netscape Composer to create my web pages. Can I use the "Publish" button to put files on the web server?
Yes you can. In fact most web page builders can "Publish" using FTP. This includes Coffee Cup, Adobe Page Mill, Fronpage etc. The important thing to remember is to give full path names on the server. This means that if the page is to be inserted into a sub directory, then the subdirectory name must be included. Also, be sure to use the the forward "internet" slashes "/" and NOT the Microsoft DOS backward slashes "\" when referencing a directory path (folder).
My web page as viewed from the internet is: http://www.my-corp.com/services/AboutServices.html

  1. FTP to www.my-corp.com
  2. The session will ask for your login and password.
  3. "Put" the web page to services/AboutServices.html
  4. This will create a new page or overwrite the existing page.

How do I FTP from my Windows PC?

  1. If you have a direct connection to the internet proceed to step two. Most of us will have to dial in to our service provider with a modem.
  2. Windows 95, 98 and NT all have FTP built available from a DOS window. Select "Start" + "DOS".
  3. Use the "cd" command to switch to the local directory on your PC where you are keeping the web pages.
  4. Issue the command: ftp www.my-corp.com
    (This is an example. Use the name of your web site.)
  5. At the prompts, enter your login and password.
  6. Use the cd command in this FTP session to change to the proper directory on the server. If your page is in the top directory then this step may be omitted.
  7. Enter the command to put the page you wish to upload to the server.
    put PageAbc.html
    Again this is an example, so use the actual file name.
  8. Type help to see a list of commands you may use to delete, put, rename, mkdir etc.

I use AOL. Can I use my AOL account to FTP to the web server?
Absolutely. Example using AOL 4.0:

  1. Login to AOL using AOL login and password.
  2. Select "Internet" )Globe Icon) from the toolbar + "FTP".
  3. "Go to FTP"
  4. Select: www.my-corp.com + connect
    Again this is an example. Use the URL for your company.
  5. Select "Ok"
  6. This next panel will show you the contents of your directory on the server. This dialog box also gives you the option to create new sub-directories on the server if needed to organize your files.
  7. Specify the name and choose ASCII + "continue".
  8. Select the file: go to the directory and select the file you wish to upload to the server + "open". Then select "Send".

Is there a Windows graphical FTP program?
One can obtain a Windows shareware ftp program from:

Cute FTP has a regular windows drag and drop interface. Windows 95/98/NT users download Cute FTP (32 bit) A 16 bit version is also available for Windows 3.11 users.
Bullet ftp is another shareware PC client. (Bullet FTP home page http://www.bpftp.com)
Other: FTP clients available from: http://www.downloads.com/.

For further information please contact: webmaster@megawebhost.com

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