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The First Step

This page discusses how to create a web presence with MegaWebHost.com.

  1. First read the links on the left About Us and Web Hosting to get a general understanding of who we are.
  2. Read the Contract Terms / Service Agreement
  3. Next read about our Services & Rates. This will allow you to pick a plan to suit your needs.
  4. Email sales@megawebhost.com requesting the web hosting service plan you wish to sign up for, and an eight character or less account login and password. The account name and password are used for uploading web pages to the server. If it is to be a password protected site please provide a logins and passwords you wish to use for the site.
  5. Read the Technical Info page on how to upload web content to the server.

If you are going to have your own domain name:

Additional steps must be taken.

  1. One must check to see if the domain name is available.
    Use this link to check for the availability of a domain name.
    OR buy an existing domain name from a domain name broker.
  2. Register the domain name, if available, with Internic's registration agent Network Solutions. International domain registrars may be found through Uninett.
    • If you are not registered with Internic, you will be required to enter your name, address, phone number and e-mail address during the registration. They will assign you an ID or "NIC handle". This "NIC handle" will be used in future domain name registrations to identify yourself. You can use the same "NIC handle" for the "Administrative Contact", "Technical Contact" and "Billing Contact" if you wish.
    • MegaWebHost.com name server information:
      • Primary DNS: ns1.megawebhost.com
      • Secondary DNS: ns2.megawebhost.com
    You may use your credit card to process this transaction with Network Solutions. Changes to your registration information can be made at the Network Solutions web site. It takes aproximately 24 hours for the registration to become effective.

What is the Internic and why they want your money?

The Internic (Internet Network Information Center) was formed in 1993 and it is an organization that, among other things, assigns names for the Internet within specific domains. Domains are portions of the Internet reserved for particular kinds of uses. The Internic assigns names within the COM, NET, ORG and EDU domains and these four domains are used for commercial activities, for network companies, for nonprofit organizations, and for educational institutions respectively. The Internic does not assign names in the GOV domain, (used for US government,) the MIL domain (used for US military,) and for any of the domains, other than the ones mentioned above, outside the US such as CA for Canada, and FR for France. In the US, Network Solutions is used to assign the domain names within these domains.

Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy: (as approved by ICANN on October 4,1999)

See: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Policy

For further information please contact: sales@megawebhost.com

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